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The world's first AI-powered platform for investor relations and financial market professionals




Smart agents based on the main models of generative artificial intelligence, gathered in a single tool and ready to scale your productivity.

Conversational chatbots

For use by your team or to embed to your website, facilitating communication with your stakeholders.

Writing assistant

Write texts exploring the full potential of artificial intelligence and communicate better.

Summarization Wizard

Identify the main points of any content and request a summary.

Translation assistant

Streamline the translation process with our language agent trained with over 10 years of CVM documents.

Analysis of tabular information

Such as: share ownership lists and balance sheets.

Use our templates to extract insights from your structured data.

Analysis of unstructured documents

Such as: releases, results presentations, CVM, SEC, Bacen, Fed forms, among others.

Compare, extract feelings, entities and their relationships.

essential for

IR professionals

Use our agents for external communication (chatbot), as an aid in internal day-to-day tasks, as well as facilitating access to millions of unstructured documents to support the team with reasoned arguments to support the relationship with your internal and external audiences.

Individual investors

Access the same AI-powered research, integrated document sources, and financial data that leading institutional investors use to strengthen their portfolios.

Financial institutions and cooperatives

Analyze public information from sources such as the Central Bank, in addition to using chatbots to optimize communication channels

Fund managers

Follow the fund industry in its entirety and from different angles by searching thousands of funds and companies documents, exploring in detail information to generate insights.

With dendrites Studio, it is possible to extract extremely detailed information, prepare comparative studies, among other possibilities.

Advisors, Sell- and Buy-Side Analysts

Prepare industry and individual companies studies and analyses, based on unstructured information provided by public documents from sources such as CVM and SEC.

We’ve brought different financial research tools together into a single, innovative AI-powered platform to help analysts save research time and uncover alpha-driving insights.

Autonomous Investment Agents

Use our platform to optimize and automate communication with clients, access documents from thousands of funds and publicly traded companies for analysis.

large language models

together with dendrites studio, they increase the assertiveness and efficiency in the use of your prompts

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OpenAI - ChatGPT

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Google - PALM2

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Support for GPT 3.5 and 4, PALM2 and Claude in addition to the exclusive models, trained to scale the productivity of investor relations and financial markets professionals

use your data
as context

our agents continuously process and learn from your own data, efficiently responding from structured and unstructured documents


and with multiple outputs

we connect our agents with the tools your company uses to communicate with your customers


millions of documents

that answer the most important questions from professionals based on their internal data or our datalake.

ecossistema de dados


millions of documents stored in our datalake, collected from sources like CVM, Central Bank, FED, SEC as a source to gain insights.


the quality of search results through AI-driven synonym guidance and trending terms.


your searches with our ranking, recommendation, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis engines.

Quickly compare archival language over time with redlining to identify changes such as guidance, MD&A or risk factors from documents such as reference forms, annual reports, GRI, meetings, releases, balance sheets, prospectuses, documents published by funds, among others to gain insights that generated alpha.

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dendrites chat

Search, analyze and chat with + 2 million documents

Consume data from our DataLake – via API – using any system.

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who we are

We are a native data and artificial intelligence company.

We are building solutions to increase the capacity and productivity of individuals and teams by scaling humans, not replacing them.